Healthcare & Medical ERP: Major Products & Players

When an ERP vendor says they supply ERP software systems to the healthcare industry, it is difficult to decipher precisely what they are offering and is not to be confused with EHR software. Is it a one-size-fits-all system for healthcare, medical device, pharmaceuticals and life science industries? Or does the healthcare ERP offered cater for a specific subset of these industries. This article explains the key healthcare ERP products and vendors, so you can make an informed decision during your ERP selection process.

Vendors offering healthcare ERP

SYSPRO provides healthcare ERP for the medical devices and pharmaceuticals industry, with individual ERP systems targeted at each industry. SYSPRO’s ERP for medical device companies encourages collaboration with doctors and enables tracking of materials through the supply chain. The ERP software is also built to meet quality and safety standards expected of this market.

Feith and McKesson both serve the health and medical practice industry with healthcare ERP. Both ERP systems are targeted at improving operational efficiency, in order to improve patient care decision-making, improve diagnostics and safety.

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QAD provide ERP for the life sciences industry with its software offerings aimed at life science laboratories, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. For the life sciences industry, a standard installed system is available as well as a hosted, on-demand system.

Epicor has offered the company’s Tropos ERP system to the healthcare industry - specifically, the pharmaceuticals and biotech industries. The ERP system is focussed on improving quality control and adhering to regulatory authority controls which are crucial for both industries.

This guide, is by no means a comprehensive run-through of all the ERP products available for the healthcare industry - many of the biggest ERP vendors, including Oracle, SAP and Microsoft also offer Healthcare ERP as part of their extensive product catalogue. But, hopefully it will give you an introduction to the market.

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