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Parity Corporation provide and number of business software services to the North American food industries. Their ParityFactory ERP is used across the food sector in a range of niche verticals including dairy, meat and poultry, seafood and especially those businesses needing supply chain traceability.

ParityFactory is provided on a modular basis and includes sales and distribution management, inventory, manufacturing processes, cost management, business intelligence, automation of data collection and analysis, barcode technology and food quality management. ParityFactory also includes a full suite of financial management software and commodity procurement support.

The ERP also satisfies key compliance and regulatory requirements with regard to food safety. The software provides instant product trace, recall scoping, brand and reputation protection, certification and inventory search tools. Parity can also provide legal resource and consultancy with dealing with the government testing processes.

ParityFactory is a browser-based system, so can be accessed through any device with an internet connection. It can also be integrated with all Microsoft software and all databases are access-based. Users do need to link with Microsoft SQL servers. The product can be fully integrated and is available in multicurrency and multi-language. Users can also customise the software to ensure full business compatibility.

Parity were formed in 1985 and are based in Bothell, Washington. They provide ERP software solutions and consultancy to the food industry in North America. Companies who have implemented Parity ERP include Oregon-based meat manufacturer Hill Meats, gourmet frozen meat producer Riteway Meats and San Francisco-based food distributor Giusto Speciality Foods.

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