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    WinMan ERP is a fully-integrated, on-premise ERP system designed for the needs of small to medium sized manufacturing a...View profile

WinMan provides ERP software targeted at manufacturers and distributors across a wide range of industries, including aerospace, food, chemical, furniture, electronics, and pharma. WinMan ERP is designed with the needs of small to mid-sized businesses in mind, with clients typically having between 5 and 500 concurrent users.

The software is an all-in-one ERP solution which is fully customizable and supports multiple languages and currencies. Functionality covers all major manufacturing and distribution processes including financial management, warehouse management, CRM, product configuration, eCommerce and retail management.

WinMan ERP is a Windows-based system which is developed using 100% .NET managed code. This makes it particularly suited to environments which use Microsoft SQL servers and associated tools. The software also focuses on encouraging lean manufacturing and distribution practices by integrating and refining both traditional and contemporary methodologies.

The software is installed on-premise, with mobile access available through WinMan Go - a wireless transaction system which connects mobile devices to the backend system. WinMan can also provide portals for customers and staff, allowing for more efficient order processing and resolution of customer service issues. Implementation takes between three and six months, depending on system functionality.

WinMan has been providing Windows-based ERP solutions to companies in the manufacturing and distribution industries for over 20 years. They are headquartered in Birmingham, UK with a North American Sales, Support & Implementation office in Rockton, Illinois. Clients include Kentucky based stretch wrapping machinery manufacturer Lantech, global automotive powertrain component supplier VTL Group, and UK base cosmetic manufacturer Herrco Cosmetics.

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