abas rolls out Advanced Planning and Simulation to more ERP users

ERP software provider abas USA has extended the availability of its Advanced Planning and Simulation features to most abas ERP users in the US and Canada, where it will now be standard.

The Advanced Planning and Simulation features allow clients to manage customer service options, product ordering and delivery times. These features also help businesses manage underused resources, according to the company, which aims its services at mid-size businesses.

Advanced Planning and Simulation gives master planners a view into work and orders to compare various operations, says abas. It is split into four main views – work orders, resources, utilisation, and materials along with a graphic-heavy design for managers to make sense of all the data.

A more realistic schedule for master production

Master planners will be given the foresight needed to optimize their production facility’s schedule using real-time data from abas ERP, explained Brady Stephenson, logistics consultant at abas USA, which will create a “more realistic master schedule for production.” The feature brings a new level of optimization and agility to abas’ manufacturing base, added abas President Alan Salton.

Master planners will be given the foresight needed to optimize their production facility’s schedule using real-time data from abas ERP

Crucially abas ERP users will be able to predict any forthcoming bottlenecks with their staff or machinery based on current demands. Users can write up production plans for their enterprise in abas ERP, which can be regularly updated and adjusted based on any new priorities that arise or time constraints.

Responding to a changing production environment

“When you add the ability to have the system smooth demand based on finite capacity, setting up alternative lines and machines, and run multiple simulations, abas ERP provides state-of-the-art flexibility to respond to a changing production environment,” said Salton.

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abas USA has been in business for over 30 years catering to the ERP solutions market. Alongside ERP, it develops software such as product data management software, document management systems, and web stores as well as mobile apps.

The company has recently grown its business in Europe and North America, doubling its operations in Italy through opening a new office in Milan as well as adding more US customers, most recently Ohio-based sealing makers North Coast Seal.

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