ERP latest: Acumatica launches latest version of ERP software

Acumatica, an ERP software company based in Seattle, has launched the latest version of its enterprise software, Acumatica 6.

The updated cloud suite, which was revealed at a press event in Boston, has added new features for managing finances, accounts, distribution, manufacturing and customer relationship management (CRM).

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Acumatica 6 comes with Microsoft Outlook integration, support for Microsoft Power BI, while the dashboards have been redesigned, with a greater focus on mobile. Acumatica 6 also comes with a new contract-based representational state transfer (REST) API that allows users to test requests via their browsers.

Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica, said the company was particularly focused on midmarket customers undergoing rapid growth. The firm provides its software to industries like manufacturing, telecommunications, agriculture, and retail.

“Acumatica 6’s substantial technical improvements further our pragmatic performance, mobility, and integration capabilities,” added Roskill.

Acumatica 6 has been released immediately but the company stated that it will begin continuous updates to improve the product.

The new cloud enterprise software is Acumatica’s first major new product release since it won Best SaaS Product for Enterprise Resource Planning at last month’s Software-as-a-Service awards. Acumatica is headquartered in Seattle with regional offices and engineering offices around the US and in Moscow and Singapore.

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