Can anyone suggest an ERP system suitable for our requirements?

Can anyone suggest an ERP system suitable for our requirements?

I have evaluated all the 3 open source ERPs you have mentioned but did not find much useful. None of these ERP systems provide 20-30% of the functionalities that we are looking for. Please find below our major business objectives

  • 1. Creation of purchase order (requisition, RFQ, Quote, PO – Standard, Blanket as applicable)

  • 2. Receiving purchase order

  • 3. Checking on hand stock.

  • 4. Using planning system such as MRP, Kanban, Min Max

  • 5. Transferring material between different location

  • 6. Creating a work order and Issuing Material

  • 7. Completing a work order/finished good

  • 8. Creation of sales order (Lead, Opportunity, Quote as applicable)

  • 9. Shipment of finished goods through sales order.

  • 10. Customer Invoice

  • 11. Customer Receipt against Invoice

  • 12. Supplier Invoice

  • 13. Supplier Payment

  • 14. GL Requirements

  • 15. HR Requirements – Leave, Payroll, Expense claims, etc

  • 16. Service Contracts - Warranty, Repair

  • 17. POS

  • 18. Asset Maintenance

  • 19. Fixed Asset process

Can you please suggest a good ERP to satisfy these requirements. Even if, the ERP provides 70-80% of these functionalities then we 'll select that. We can afford to spend few bucks in customization to fulfill our business needs.

Currently, we are also evaluating inoERP and odoo

~ Asked by Anik Dey
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