ERP Glossary - D: Data Cleansing to DRP


A user-interface which integrate key business information such as KPI's in a graphical and easily accesible manner. Dashboards in ERP are often role-defined and customizable.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is the process for modifying all referable business data (customers, materials, vendors, etc.) so that it is accurate and standardized in a uniform, useful format. A common example of data cleansing is making address formats consistent for searches; "boulevard" should not exist in address data as “boulevard", "blvd.", "blvd", "boul." and "bld." simultaneously.

DC (Distribution Center)

A distribution center is a warehouse, normally established in order to service a regional area. By replenishing a distribution center with full truck loads, and driving shorter distance to deliver smaller amounts to final customers, the costs of shipping small amounts over a long distance can be minimized.


An obligation to pay someone in the future for a good or service already provided, whether the good is a commodity, or cash or its equivalent. Some amount of debt is normal, but if a company accumulates too much debt, it runs the risk of bankruptcy and/or failure.

Demand Planning

The process of examining external sales trends over the long term, and applying various mathematical formulas to these trends to forecast what the future demand will be, and to plan appropriate production capacity and/or inventory levels.

Demo (or Demonstration)

The presentation - usually in a conference room or auditorium - of what a product can do, most commonly computer software.


The accounting process by which costs are assigned to physical assets to account for the fact that they are being used up over time. If a twenty thousand dollar automobile was expected to last ten years, then the annual depreciation cost would be $2000 per year, and the book value of the automobile would decrease by two thousand dollars each year. In the sixth year of life, it would have a book value of $8000 ($20,000 - (6 years x $2000)).

Direct Costs

The category of costs which contribute completely and solely to the creation of a unit of product, such as raw materials, assembly or process labor, chemicals, colorants, or finishes applied, etc.

Discrete Manufacturing

A type of manufacturing in which a finished product can be disassembled back to its component parts, like an automobile engine. The opposite of discrete manufacturing is process manufacturing, where finished products -like paint, or a loaf of bread - cannot be disassembled into its original components.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is the process of delivering effective education in a format other than traditional classroom/teacher, typically by interacting with a computer over the internet or with an interactive software program. Distance learning is important to change management in ERP where the logistics of providing one-off training in remote locations using conventional methods can prove cost prohibitive.


A periodic payment made by a company -typically funded from operating income - to its owners (stockholders).

Dividend Yield

The per cent calculated by dividing the annual dividend by the approximate open market stock price. Things like tax rates on dividends and stock price growth complicate exactly what constitutes a "good" dividend yield, but it is still useful in comparing different investment options, if investment income is the primary criteria.

DOE (Design of Experiments)

Design of experiments is an analytical technique in which controlled change of some of the experimental variables will help quantify the casual agents for other, previously not-understood variations.

DRP (Distribution Resource Planning

Distribution resource planning or distribution ERP is the software system written specifically for planning and executing the logistics portions of a business operation, including warehouse management, inventory replenishment, distribution, and shipping.

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