ERP Glossary - H: Hardware to Hurdle Rate


A catch-all term used to describe the variety of physical components which create and maintain a computer network. Examples of hardware include, but are not limited to: computers, servers, mainframes, wire and fiber-optic cable, modems, routers, and printers.

Hazardous Materials

A legally defined type of material which requires special safety procedures when handling and transporting. Also referred to as "hazmat", these materials are identified and regulated by the department of transportation, and include categories like corrosive, flammable, or explosive and represent special configuration requirements in an ERP system.

Help Desk

A help desk is a call center support organization, with a single incoming number, focusing on one particular type of problem. Incoming calls are routed to the next available (or qualified) support person. Examples of a help desk might include a PC support help desk, or an ERP help desk.

HR (Human Resource)

Human Resources refers either to the parts of the organization which require human labor, or to the functional area that is charged with recruiting, training, developing, and retaining human labor for the organization.

HRM (Human Resource Management)

HRM refers to the process - and more often to an ERP software module - which facilitates management of the human resource department, in areas like payroll, benefits, assessment, recruiting, training, and retention. As a module, HRM typically dovetails with core ERP, but its functionality is largely stand alone.

HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule)

The harmonized tariff schedule is the document that classifies every product imported into the United States, and assigns the appropriate tariff rate to that product. The HTS is organized in terms of continually increasing specificity, so that a section on "apparel" might be broken down into woven or non woven; men's or boys'; overcoats; of manmade fibers; etc.

Hurdle Rate

An internal filtering criteria, normally an ROI percentage, that a capital investment must meet before it can be considered for capital budgeting.

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