ERP Glossary - N: Nervous to NDA


Nervous in ERP, is a term used to describe daily or hourly variation in computed data as it changes in response to real world occurrences. People unfamiliar with real time data and integrated systems are often uncomfortable with a constantly changing picture and prefer working with inaccurate but static data.

Net Income

Also known as net profit, it is the bottom-line financial difference between revenue and expenses, including deductions for depreciation, interest, and taxes.

Network Administrator

The person or department responsible for ensuring the integrity, security, and performance of a computer network in a business or organization.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

A non disclosure agreement is a binding legal document - most often used for temporary workers, like ERP consultants or salespeople - which forbids the dissemination of private information gained while working with a company on sensitive or non-public projects.

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