Top 50 ERP Resources & Tips for 2013

Quality ERP Resources and Tips are hard to come by in a market dominated by marketing bias - that is where comes in. For 2013, we have compiled the ultimate selection of ERP resources and ERP tips, including ERP downloads, blogs and advice articles on ERP. We hope this resource helps you - if you want to say thanks for all our hard graft, why not tweet this article.

Editors Picks

2013 ERP Vendor Directory - The latest edition of the free directory of ERP vendors from ERPfocus. Profiles, products and contact information for 140 ERP vendors providing ERP software for a variety of industries.

#ERP - In the age of social media, where better to keep track of ERP news than Twitter by tracking #ERP. Tweets from vendors, consultants, bloggers and yours truly.

The Google+ ERP community - A dedicated ERP forum on the fastest growing social network.

ERP Glossary - 100’s of ERP definitions to dispel jargon jitters, buzzword bafflement and acronym addlement - a great ERP resource for anyone who is a tad confused about the subject.

ERP Writers

Phil Wainewright - SaaS blogger at ZDNet, Phil Wainewright translates vendor spin into insightful advice for businesses.

Brian Sommer - Brian Sommer blogs on all manner of enterprise software topics, his articles provide a topical and interesting read.

Phil Duff - CEO and owner of SYSPRO Phil Duff regularly writes for the company’s blog and provides a no-nonsense view on the ERP market.

Joshua Greenbaum - From developer to consultant and writer, Joshua Greenbaum has plenty of experience which shines through in his articles.

Louis Columbus - Writing for Forbes and Enterprise Irregulars, Louis Columbus writes knowledgeably on enteprise software and data trends.

ERP Tips: Advice and Opinion

Ask the Expert - A dedicated Q&A where you can ask experts questions regarding ERP software - A useful ERP resource if you are looking for impartial advice.

ERP Shortlist Evaluation - An in-depth look at the process of selecting an ERP vendor having drawn up a shortlist.

Cloud ERP: Beware the Hype - A great translation of the technological hype surrounding cloud ERP into something meaningful to your business and ERP decisions.

These Are Not The Trends You Are Looking For - Phil Duff, CEO and Owner of SYSPRO, cautions the acceptance of annual predictions in the enterprise market.

11 Predictions for Enterprise Software in 2013 - Appropriately, and somewhat ironically, following Phil Duff’s article is Computer World’s predictions for ERP in the coming year.

How to Implement ERP for Manufacturers - A clear guide to ERP implementation plans for manufacturers.

The Month IT & ERP Permanently Changed - You may not agree with everything raised in Brian Sommer’s recent article for ZDNet, but you can’t deny that it is a fresh look at the ERP market.

ERP Decision Making - The three vital questions to ask when making any decision on your ERP software.

ERP, RIP? Cloud Financials and Revenue Management in 2013 - Great article from Phil Wainewright examining changes in the ERP market and the legitimacy of the acronym.

Hosted ERP Software or Installed? - How to assess your businesses requirements when it comes to this particular ERP software specification.

ERP Downloads

ERP Implementation: 11 Steps To Success - The ultimate free guide to the implementation process, this white paper has some of the best impartial ERP software advice around.

ERP Implementation Failure: Four Common Mistakes - A good document demonstrating some of the pitfalls of the implementation process.

ERP Failure: Ten Warning Signs Your ERP System Is Killing Your Business - This download highlights some of the early warning signals that anyone implementing ERP should be aware of.

ERP News

The #ERP Journal - This online paper aggregates all the best ERP content from around the twittersphere into an easily digestible weekly paper.

The ERP Insider - A fortnightly ERP newsletter from the experts at ERPfocus. Get the latest feature articles and resources, dappled with humour and insider advice, straight to your inbox.

ERP Topic Center - ComputerWorld has provided IT news for over 40 years and regularly has great feature articles on the ERP software market.

Enterprise Software News on ZDNet - Another great source of enterprise news and articles, ZDNet features content from writers such as Phil Wainewright and Editor in Chief Larry Dignan.

Google Alerts - Why not create an alert for ERP and get ERP links sent to your inbox. Because there is always a Google solution to a problem.

ERP Blogs

SYSPRO - A very well put together blog from the California-based ERP vendor.

Cincom - Recently published an article entitled “Yes Virginia, Santa Claus Does Have an ERP System." Need I say anymore?

Next Gen Enterprise -Enterprise blog from the creator of #EnSW - Dennis Moore, covers enterprise news and opinion.

Microsoft Dynamics Community - A catalogue of enterprise blogs focussing on the ever-popular Microsoft Dynamics ERP software.

ERP Gone Wild - This blog gets an honourable mention, having not been update for a couple of years, the blog is more of an archive of humorous and satirical analysis of the ERP marketplace.

ERP on Social Media

ERPfocus on Twitter (@ERPfocus) - Eclectic tweets from around the ERP community, plenty of original content, resources and ERP engagement.

Gartner on Twitter (@Gartner_inc) - The global powerhouse of independent technology related research and advice.

ZDNet on Twitter (@ZDNet) - Technology and business news - a lot of great content on enteprise software.

DevOps Borat on Twitter (@DEVOPS_BORAT) - A humorous look at the DevOps software development philosophy for all the ERP developers out there. Inspired by Sacha Baron Cohen’s charismatic Kazak.

ERPTweets on Twitter (@ERPTweets) - ERP and accounting software news. You should follow them for the avatar and background alone.

ERPfocus on Google+ - Stay up to date with ERPfocus on the fastest growing social network stuffed to the rafters with tech professionals.

ERP focus on Facebook - If you are more of a Zuckerberg fan then check out the ERPfocus facebook page for regular content updates straight to your feed.

ERP Vendors on Twitter

SYSPRO (@SYSPRO_USA) - Tweets from the U.S branch of SYSPRO - vendor for manufacturers and distributors.

Infor (@Infor) - The world’s third largest provider of enterprise applications on Twitter.

Netsuite (@Netsuite) - Tweets from the California-based Cloud ERP providers.

VAI (@VAIsoftware) - New York-based ERP vendor VAI on Twitter.

Solarsoft (@SolarsoftERP) - Twitter account for the vendors of ERP software for manufacturers, distributors and wholesale businesses.

Unit4 (@Unit4_Group) - Cloud-based global ERP provider Unit-4 on Twitter.

Abas (@AbasERP) - Tweets from ABAS - provider of ERP for medium-sized companies.

Sage ERP (@SageERP) - Twitter account of the 3rd largest provider of ERP software

ERP Infographics

Guide to ERP in the cloud - via ERPsoftwareblog

Is it time to replace your ERP? - via Epicor

10 steps for ERP selection success - via Sikich

So What's Stopping You Investing in ERP? - via SAP & Aberdeen Group

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