2013 ERP Writers' Awards: Winners Announced

The winners of the 2013 ERP Software Writers’ Awards have been announced. Over the past month, we have been asking you - the ERP community - to nominate your favourite writers, articles and blogs. From your nominations, our expert panel of judges have selected their winners in each of the four categories.

Best Writer

The award for Best Writer recognizes the individual who has contributed the most valuable content to the ERP community this year.


Frank Scavo - President at Strativa & blogger at The Enterprise System Spectator
Example work: Mitigating Risk in Software Vendor Support

Frank brings an exceptional depth of expertise to everything he writes, enriching it with an in-depth understanding of the implications of ERP and enterprise software on real-world performance of a business - Louis Columbus (Head Judge)


2nd Place

Eric Kimberling - Managing Partner at Panorama Consulting Solutions
Example work: Top Ten Predictions for the ERP Software Industry in 2014

3rd Place

Cindy Jutras - President at Mint Jutras & enterprise software blogger
Example work: ERP The Next Generation: The Final Frontier?


Also Nominated

Sally Ellis - Marketing Communications Executive at UNIT4
Example work: Is the Sky the Limit? Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

Bobby Rudder - Director of Marketing & Communications at Godlan Inc.
Example work: The ERP Software Demonstration Magic Show

Jess Alexander - Technical Writer at Pulse mining systems
Example work: Customisation? Standardisation? How about Co-Creation!

Erin Blake - Marketing Specialist at SYSPRO USA
Example work: Three Signs Your Business Needs an ERP System


Best Article

The award for Best Article highlights the finest piece of written content covering the ERP market this year.


How to Screw up an Enterprise Mobile App by Jon Reed


2nd Place

ERP The Next Generation: The Final Frontier? Part 1, 2, 3, 4 by Cindy Jutras

3rd Place

Top Ten Predictions for the ERP Software Industry in 2014 by Eric Kimberling


Also Nominated

Corporate Social Responsibility – Where Does the Responsibility to Give Back Fall? by Joey Benadretti

ERP, RIP? Cloud Financials and Revenue Management in 2013 by Phil Wainewright

Selecting ERP for the Food Industry by Heather Angus-Lee

When to Put Your ERP System in the Cloud by Andy Latham

60% of Enterprise Resource Planning Implementations Under-Deliver by Russell Godward

Cloud ERP: Saving Small Businesses Money by Karly Peters

Measuring theb ROI of Your ERP by Louise Thompson


Best Independent Blog

The award for Best Independent Blog acknowledges the most interesting and insightful blog - blogs in this category must have no affiliation with ERP software products.


Mint Jutras Blog (Cindy Jutras)

Cindy Jutras is the LeBron James of ERP blogging - Louis Columbus


2nd Place

360 ERP Blog (Panorama Consulting)

3rd Place

Ultra Consultants ERP Software Blog (Ultra Consultants)


Also Nominated

ERP the Right Way! (Brett Beaubouef)

The Enterprise System Spectator (Frank Scavo)


Best Vendor Blog

The award for Best Vendor Blog recognizes the most informative and insightful blog written by an ERP software vendor.


IFS World Blog (IFS)

Excellent, impartial content and a striving to enrich the reader makes them stand out. They also have many authors participating - a sure sign internally this blog is highly valued and considered important as a means of serving the industry - Louis Columbus


2nd Place

ERP, Cloud and Resource Planning Blog (Deltek)

3rd Place

Smarter ERP (SYSPRO)


Also Nominated

UNIT4 Group Blog (UNIT4)

Sage ERP Blog (Sage)

JustFoodERP Blog (JustFoodERP)

ProcessPro ERP Blog (ProcessPro)

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the awards and congratulations to this year's winners from everyone at ERP Focus.

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Tom Feltham

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Tom Feltham was Editor at ERP Focus for three years from 2013-2016. Tom still keeps tabs on the ERP software market and occasionally puts pen to paper when inspiration strikes.

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