IQMS experiences record growth in the first half of 2015

ERP software provider IQMS has experienced a record half year in its latest financial report, which saw the company add 65 new manufacturing facilities to its customer base and achieve expansion into new industries.

The company has increased its presence in a number of industries including medical, CPG, and electronics as well as adding new automotive clients to its portfolio.

Since the beginning of 2015, IQMS has grown its employee base by 60 staff with the addition of a chief marketing officer and chief financial officer to its management team.

New features for IQMS ERP

June was the IQMS’ highest month for revenue yet, says Randy Flamm, CEO. IQMS has also added several new modules to its ERP software in recent months, which has fueled the company’s growth it says.

IQMS announced new Japanese and Portuguese language packs to its ERP offering last month. Japan has a vibrant manufacturing industry while one-third of Portugal workforce is employed in manufacturing, which IQMS says it is hoping to build on in the future.

The company has seen a growth in demand outside North America, especially in EMEA and APAC regions, says its chief marketing officer, Steve Bieszczat. “Additional localization of our product opens new markets to our customers and our partner network,” he says. IQMS now services 10 languages in total.

Meanwhile, new components have been added to IQMS ERP like the In-Line Vehicle Sequencing (ILVS) application for calculating the correct sequence for packaging automotive parts for shipping. Also added this year was the Warehouse Management System, which introduced new features such as directed task monitoring, wave management, dock scheduling, expected receipts, and slotting optimization.

A transformative year

2015 has been a transformative year for the company, says Flamm. “Manufacturers are increasingly seeking out the benefits of our comprehensive ERP system and we are happy to deliver the industry-specific solutions they need,” says the CEO.

This year so far a number of IQMS customers have been honored for their achievements in the manufacturing industry by the 2015 Manufacturing Leadership Awards.

“Readily accessible training is a key part of the IQMS ERP chain of value and we take pride in our facilities and services” - Lee Filbert, Vice President of Services

The company’s regional Chicago office recently relocated to larger premises to meet growing demand in the Midwest for the coming years. The office also serves as a training hub for new customers. “Readily accessible training is a key part of the IQMS ERP chain of value and we take pride in our facilities and services,” says Lee Filbert, Vice President of Services.

2014 had been another successful year for the company, which saw double digit growth, and laid much of the groundwork for 2015 so far. The company added 20 new jobs in the first two weeks of January alone, says Flamm.

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