Sage signs up three new firms for its X3 ERP platform

Sage Group has signed three new companies to its X3 ERP platform.

CLOUT, Atlas Cloud, and BrightBridge have all joined the platform for managing functions like purchasing and financing, manufacturing, customer service, inventory, and sales.

Sage has typically been focused with on-premises ERP and payroll services but over the last year or so has edged more and more into the software as a service (SaaS) field.

Last year Sage invested £10 million in Fairsail, a Salesforce-affiliated business software company. According to Sage, this investment is what led to the deal with London’s CLOUT.

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Newcastle’s Atlas Cloud is an office virtualization company that connects workers via the cloud while Leicester’s BrightBridge, which was already a long-time partner of Sage’s, will be using Sage X3 with its sales team.

Atlas Cloud CEO Pete Watson said “We recognised the benefit Sage X3 could offer our customers by allowing businesses to bring all of their core processes into one streamlined platform, and its functionality makes it an ideal addition to our portfolio."

 Sage vice president for enterprise in UK and Ireland David Watts said “Over the last 12 months, we’ve really underlined our commitment to working with larger enterprises and embracing smart partnerships that contribute to making our X3 business management solution more beneficial and appealing to enterprise businesses.”

Sage has been gradually adding new clients to platform in a bid to prove its resilience and ability to handle high numbers of customers. At the end of 2016, it signed up Saudi Arabia’s Wa’ed, a division of oil giant Saudi Aramco as well as partners in the construction industry including Specialized Application Workshop (Saw) and Software Mill.

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