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Trek Global is committed to enabling midsized product distribution companies grow successfully by lowering the technology and cost barriers that hold them back.

Trek Cloud ERP has been designed to offer functionality needed by product-distribution companies, including on-board EDI, shipping integrations, plug-ins for web stores and POS systems, and multiple warehouse inventory management. Trek Cloud is provided as a full-suite ERP, and offers either subscription-based or transaction-based pricing.

Business models served by Trek Global and Trek Cloud include manufacturers and distributors of custom emblematic jewelry and accessories, specialty healthcare product wholesalers, as well as retailers and distributors of sport products and home and garden products.

In addition to Trek Cloud ERP, Trek Global offers a full range of services to support the entire ERP life cycle: ERP user support, infrastructure and implementation services, user training, development and technical support and services, and business consulting.

Founding members of the Trek Global team have been supporting on premise ERP since 1998, and developing, implementing and providing ERP and ERP cloud-hosting services since 2004.

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