Vorex Launches New ERP Platform for Telecoms

Cloud-based business management solutions provider Vorex has released its new ERP software aimed at the telecommunications industry.

The management platform allows businesses in the telecommunications sector to manage their day-to-day operations, earnings, end-user service maintenance, and tower construction.

Key Features

Some of Vorex ERP’s key features include management tools for vendors, clients, and projects as well as features for tracking time and expenses incurred by projects and employees.

The ERP platform also includes tools for procurement management, which suggests and collates the company’s preferred vendors at the best price while the demand planning option alerts the user to when products are running low and the fulfillment module tracks inventory status, such as when products arrive, if they are missing, or damaged.

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Finally, Vorex ERP’s ticketing and service desk module manages open tickets and can be escalated through emails. The automated process can be used for issues both internally and for clients.

“We have already been serving telecom clients for years and are excited to continue to innovate in this industry,” said Vorex CEO and founder Mike Salem. “Our solution frees up time and resources to enable telecom companies to focus on strategically moving the business forward.”

“We have already been serving telecom clients for years and are excited to continue to innovate in this industry,” - Mike Salem, CEO, Vorex

Vorex, which is headquartered in Dallas, TX with regional offices in North America and Europe, has been expanding its place in the telecommunications industry of late. It recently joined the ICT-focused QuEST Forum and has previously provided its services to the marketing, accounting, legal, and IT industries.

“[Vorex] have joined at an important time for the ICT industry as it transforms itself for the communication networks of tomorrow. I look forward to working with leaders like Mike Salem to continue the work of QuEST Forum and create best practice synergies that raise quality for all,” said QuEST Forum CEO, Fraser Pajak.

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