Aptean acquires Computron, expands ERP and global reach

ERP software provider Aptean has acquired Computron Software LLC, a supplier of accounting and financing software.

Computron, based in New Jersey, will now join the Aptean team. The company has clients in finance, accounting, government and several other industries that use Computron software for operation analysis and automatic consolidation.

Global footprint

Computron also has offices in England, Australia, and South Africa. Kim Eaton, CEO of Aptean, said that Computron’s international presence will help Aptean with its own global reach. “Computron’s strong global presence also complements Aptean’s global footprint, strengthening Aptean’s opportunity for continued growth,” she said.

“Aptean’s experienced leadership team and proven operational capabilities will support Computron’s ability to deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions, as well as world-class support to its customer base,” added Computron CEO John Baldwin.

A year of product acquisition

Computron is the latest acquisition for Aptean this year. It has made a number of purchases throughout 2015 as a means to enter new industries and markets and further establish an international client base.

“Computron’s strong global presence also complements Aptean’s global footprint, strengthening Aptean’s opportunity for continued growth” - Kim Eaton, CEO, Aptean

In June it acquired the supply chain management technology Vision, which is used in 18 countries, from the Cinram Group.

In October the company bought CoreTrac, which makes CRM and automated sales tracking software specifically for the banking sector in the United States.

That same month Aptean entered the healthcare industry with the acquisition of Medworxx, which develops software for managing patient flow and compliance. It’s used in 350 hospitals globally in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Canada.

Eaton said that Aptean will be supporting the growth of these companies in the future and aiding their expansion. The company also recently launched new editions of its Onyx CRM software for mobile.

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