DEACOM ERP is designed for organizations that demand multi-geographic batch or process driven manufacturing provision. The ERP has three interconnected USPs, these focus on user-friendliness, a multi-platform ubiquitous user experience, and intelligent scalability.

DEACOM ERP has a plethora of technical functions – from quality control to regulatory reporting. The ERP system is a standalone platform run off one set of code to minimize the need for complex bolt-ons and customization, though Deacom can also integrate with other software platforms, including Salesforce and PayPal.

Built with its own integrated accounting and financials, DEACOM ERP provides real-time transactional posting. Order entry, inventory control, job costing and integrated financials are also managed within the TEC certified DEACOM ERP software system.

DEACOM ERP’s browser-based deployment makes the software easier to scale and distribute across multi-location organizations, this also means mobile devices can be used as functional workstations for the software. An on-premise ERP, Deacom can be specifically built for each individual manufacturer's needs.

Deacom provides a range of support services – including access to digital libraries, bespoke customer account managers, and 24-7 support services.

Software features

  • Billing
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics
  • Costing
  • CRM
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Purchasing
  • Quality Control
  • Sales
  • Shipping & Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Asset Management
  • Document Management

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Product details

Customer Suitability

  • Enterprise (1000+ Employees)
  • Medium Size (251-1000 Employees)

Additional Product Info

  • Multi Language
  • Multi Currency

System Hosting

  • Installed on Premise

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