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Discovery’s Oilfield Manufacturing module automates the job entry process and recording shop floor activities. Estimate to actual reporting is available for an active job and is real-time using the last labor entry or material entry that was recorded to the job. MTO and ETO job entry can begin by quoting a job to a customer or by entering the job into order entry by using a finished goods part number or the configuration tool. Reports for this module include profitability by job, by finished good and by customer, and transaction exception reporting.

Discovery’s Oilfield Rentals module supports single or multiple branch locations. Rental contracts can be for short or long durations and can include items from your rental fleet and sublets. The DMS module for oilfield services supports well site service businesses and equipment repair businesses. For oilfield distribution industries, Discovery provides a module which supports single or multiple field store locations, with an option to set up a central Distribution Centre to allow you to replenish your field stores from a central warehouse. DMS financial modules include general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, multi-currency management, purchase order.

DMS ERP software is deployed as a hosted service and is also offered as a system known as “Laptop Integrated Field Ticket System” which allows field staff to enter the results of a job while on a job site, and produce a priced field ticket for the customer to sign. These results are then transmitted to DMS.

Discovery offers measurement of DOT scores as a means to assess ERP ROI and productivity gains that customers achieve whilst using DMS. These DOT scores can be compared before and after ERP implementation. The scores can also be compared with other customers of Discovery to see how ERP software has improved their operational efficiencies.

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