ERP latest: Hanse Orga secures investment for new products and international growth

German financial software company Hanse Orga has raised an investment round from equity investment firm Waterland, though no figures have been disclosed.

Waterland, which is based in the Netherlands with offices in Belgium, Germany and Poland, said in its announcement that it will “furnish the software provider with substantial funds for further growth.”

Hanse Orga, based in Hamburg, provides supply chain management software to the financial industry and earlier this year launched a new payments software tool. The company pursues a dual product strategy and offers SAP-embedded solutions as well as web-based products which can be linked to different ERP systems.

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It recently opened new offices in Spain and Hong Kong and this new investment from Waterland will be used to fund the company’s international expansion plans, namely in the US and Asia, as well as developing new software products.

“Together with Waterland as our partner, we will have much more weight, enabling us to play an active role in the increasing consolidation of our market. At the same time, we plan to continue our present strategy of expanding our portfolio in the direction of a full-service provider,” said Sven Lindemann, chairman of Hanse Orga. The company added that it is considering acquisitions in the future.

The investment in Hanse Orga marks one of the few software investments that Waterland has made. Its portfolio runs a wide gamut including breweries, fashion brands, and rehab clinics.

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