ERP Software Writers’ Awards 2015: nominations are now open

The ERP Software Writers’ Awards recognize and praise the writers who are contributing the best content on the subject of ERP software. Celebrating the writers of small blogs through to industry analysts, the awards focus on original content, free from product bias and marketing hype.

Hosted by ERP Focus, the ERP Writers’ Awards are open to anyone who has written on the topic of ERP software in 2015. You can nominate yourself or others and we welcome all forms of written content including articles, blog posts and reviews.

Nominate your favorites

Now in its third year the ERP Writers’ Awards focus on four categories - Best Writer, Best Article, Best Independent Blog, and Best Vendor Blog. Nominations close on Friday 11th December with the winners being announced on Friday 18th December.

You can submit your nominations by emailing a link to the content or a copy of the content itself to or tweet us your entry @ERPfocus using #ERPWriters15.

To nominate a piece of content it should be published online and be in the public domain. If you have an unpublished article you wish to nominate, please submit your work to ERP Focus and we will happily consider it for publication on our website.

The judges

The judges looking for insight, originality and accuracy in the 2015 ERP Writers’ Awards are:

Tom Miller - An ERP software writer with hundreds of published articles to his name, Tom comes with 15+ years experience as an ERP project manager. Tom writes about a broad range of topics including strategy, supply chain and manufacturing.

Rick Carlton - A tech journalist, writer, researcher, editor and publisher for many years. Rick has been absorbed in the practical application of technology for many years as a C-level Executive, Business Developer, Systems Integrator/Developer, Senior Project Manager, Educator, and Author.

Tom Feltham - Tom is the editor of ERP Focus. In between managing editorial strategy and our expert contributors, Tom keeps tabs on the ERP software market and occasionally puts his thoughts on paper.

For updates on the awards and the latest nominations, search #ERPWriters15 on Twitter.

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Richard Jefferson

About the author…

Co-ordinator of the ERP Software Writers' Awards. Richard routinely finds himself providing editorial assistance for ERP Focus articles amongst content editing for other publications.

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Richard Jefferson

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