Winners announced for ERP Writers' Awards 2016


The votes are are in. The judges have made their decisions, so without further ado we're very excited to present the winners of the ERP Writers' Awards 2016

Best writer

Best article

Best independent ERP blog

Best ERP vendor blog

About the awards

The awards, which recognize excellence in the ERP blogosphere by both vendor blogs and individual writers, are run by ERP Focus each year.

To win, nominees must demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the role ERP software plays in the 21st century workplace and a continued commitment to helping readers understand often-complex topics.

Prizes are available in the following four categories

  • Best vendor blog
  • Best independent blog
  • Best writer
  • Best individual article

This year's shortlist

Best Writer

  • Frank Scavo - Strativa
  • Bobby Rudder - Godlan
  • Jon Reed - Diginomica
  • Daniel Erickson - ProcessPro
  • Samantha Hornby - Blue Link

Best Article 

  • ‘The big shift - transforming the enterprise software industry’ - Lisa Pope, Infor
  • ‘The 3 C’s of software evaluation’ - Chris Master, Distribution One
  • ‘Transforming the supply chain for better customer experiences’ - Phil Wainewright, diginomica
  • ‘ERP data migration - a primer’ - Chris Shaul, ERP and More
  • ‘The ERP Boom’ - Jeekeshen Chinnappen, Big Bang ERP

Best vendor blog

  • Infor
  • QAD
  • Global Shop Solutions
  • Syspro
  • The IFS Blog
  • Deacom
  • Abas ERP

Best independent blog

  • ERP and More
  • Panorama Consulting Solutions
  • ERP Software Blog
  • Diginomica

About the judges

This year's judging panel is comprised of ERP Focus editor Kathryn Beeson and guest judges Cindy Jutras and Brian Sommer.

Ms Jutras and Mr Sommer, winners of last year’s ERP Writers’ Awards for Best Writer and Independent Blog, and Best Article respectively, have extensive knowledge of the industry and are well-established names in the world of ERP writing.

Ms Jutras said "I have been honored to have won several of these awards in the past and I am excited to take on the new role as judge this year. While very often attention focuses on the latest, sexiest, hottest and most disruptive technology, it is still important to understand the impact of the software that actually runs the business.

"While others argue about how to define ERP, I have always stayed true to my original definition: ERP is an integrated suite of modules that forms the operational and transactional system of record of the business.

"Using this definition, every business, large or small, in all walks of life, can benefit from ERP. I look forward to reviewing the analysis and writing from a new generation of writers, looking for the true influencers in the field of ERP."

Mr Sommer said “ERP, far from a static space, continues to evolve. The best writers are those who understand where the space has been and where it must go. To do that, they must be cognizant of the changes hammering businesses today, such as the move from the Industrial Age to the Digital Age, and how newer technologies will facilitate these shifts.

“The ERP industry needs professionals with a keen, critical and honest eye. Businesses benefit when confronted with rich, nuanced assessments of ERP technologies, and not just a recitation of functions and features.”

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Kathryn Beeson

About the author…

Kathryn is the editor of Whilst she spends a lot of her time coordinating and editing content from the ERP Focus writing team, she sometimes finds time to write articles herself. Outside of work she can usually be found running, bouldering or playing squash

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Kathryn Beeson

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