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Everest Software was formerly known as iCode, Inc. The company was founded in 1994 and was based in Dulles, Virginia. In August 2009 Everest Software was acquired by and now operates as a subsidiary of US software company Versata Inc.

Now headquartered in Austin, Texas, Everest Software provides ERP software for small and medium-sized businesses.

Companies who have implemented Everest ERP include geospatial image company Valtus Imagery, Colorado-based computer systems company Geotech, as well as Virginia-based information security and data company Iron Bow Technology.

The company’s Everest ERP product is an integrated business application range that allows businesses to track their business online and offline. It also provides Everest Advanced, which integrates business operations, including accounting, inventory management, marketing, sales, return merchandise applications, point of sale, shipping, and receiving, as well as customer relationship management. In addition the company also offer Everest On-Demand, a managed and per-user hosted subscription service with off the shelf functionality.

Everest Software offers a huge range of additional products that can be bolted onto the company’s core software products including detailed payroll, sales reports and trial balance functionality.

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