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    The ERP software product is a purely web-based ERP system suitable for small to medium businesses operating in ... View profile, from FinnetĀ Ltd is designed to be a single solution catering for all needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Its low pricing model means that it sold as a lower cost alternative to bigger and more established ERP and CRM systems.

A variety of suites are integrated within ERP meaning that any company can use it with the aim to reduce back office and administration costs, whilst trying to provide added value for its customers. Within the solution, provides a company with the tools to manage accounting; production and order management; tracking of employee hours worked and expenses, plus other key ERP features.

Pricing for is flexible and dependent upon the number of users within an individual organisation. It has been integrated with other applications including Google Apps, Microsoft Project, Outlook and QuickBooks. The system can be localised for different languages and currencies.

As ERP is web-based, any authorised user can access the entire system from anywhere including via smartphones and tablets. has been developed by Finnet Ltd, a private company based in the United Kingdom which was established in 2004. Customers of include Knowledge Grid, VAIVAL Technologies and Maximum RPM.

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