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    Minotaur ERP is a product from Canadian software developer and producer Minotaur Software.

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Minotaur Software is a software and business solutions provider based in Brampton, Ontario in Canada. Formed in 1985 the company offers ERP solutions to support lot traceability in office, plant and warehouse functions in businesses.

Minotaur provide solutions for those industries requiring a high level of lot traceability. This includes food, beverage, bakery, meat and seafood, chemicals, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and recycling sectors.

Minotaur Software was created to develop ERP technology but it was by merger with USA food industry software company Fred A Stuart Inc. in 1994 that consolidated the business in the USA and Canada giving the company a full North American presence.

In addition to ERP solutions Minotaur also offers a range of other services. These include consultancy, planning, support on operating systems and architecture, implementation and training, tailored education, ongoing technical support and finance packages. A series of CRM and Business Intelligence products are also available.

Minotaur has also expanded the functionality in their executive dashboard, allowing fuller, real time data and more handheld device functionality for shop floor and warehouse use.

Companies to install Minotaur ERP include Michigan-based Food producer Hazekamp Meats, Miami-based Food retailer Natural Deli LLC and Paradise Island Foods, from British Columbia in Canada.

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