9 HR Features That Can Improve Your ERP’s People Skills

HR is a module often found in ERP systems. It is designed to help keep employees motivated to work as needed and satisfied with their situation within the business. But what are the key features that your ERP human resources module needs to improve the systems people skills?


A business needs to constantly recruit to replace people who leave and provide new employees when required. Recruitment functionality in human resources ERP will track applicants and their qualifications for a job they applied for as well as other needs of the business. It will also help with governmental requirements such as equal opportunity laws.


People want to be paid. Some are paid on time and others on their ability to manage targets or perform certain tasks. Hourly and salary are the common terms. Payroll processing will ensure all get their pay on time and accurately. It also will include required tasks related such as enrollment in health insurance and payment of payroll-related taxes.

Match People and Tasks

This component of human resources ERP is one of the more valuable. It requires keeping track of the skills each employee has and those they develop. Then it matches those employees who best fit requirements of jobs as those requirements evolve.

Suggestion Box

This tool is often included in ERP human resources modules. It provides employees with a virtual suggestion box wherever they are and can categorize the suggestions for management actions.


A forum within your ERP human resources modules is like a social network but within the business. People can chat with each other and learn of questions and requests for help that might be in another discipline or geographically separate locations. This social collaboration is becoming increasingly available among modern ERP systems.


People want to be evaluated regularly and fairly rated. Within an ERP, everyone in the enterprise will use the same tools and the same yardstick to evaluate employees. Managers can be tracked to ensure their evaluations are on time and consistent with other managers.


People want to develop their existing skills and add new skills. Management can plan what skills are expected in the future and employees can develop their skills along the same path. Both sides will benefit from this feature.

Organizational Chart

Whether a business is managed with a hierarchical, command and control structure or a flat, matrix style employees will need to know how they relate to others somewhere in the business.


Time off from work is a significant employee benefit as well as an important management tool. Vacation time is usually earned over time. Your ERP should track the earnings and deduct as time is used on vacations. It can also track when accumulated time is exceeding a limit. For management, it helps ensure that people take time away from work both for their own benefit and for an opportunity to measure any changes while they are away.

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Tom Miller

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