QAD adds several new features to its ERP products

California-based ERP software provider QAD has announced new upgrades for its QAD Cloud ERP and QAD Enterprise Applications 2015.

This includes the first phase of QAD’s Channel Islands initiative, which allows QAD Cloud ERP users to access a new user experience and dashboards for more effective sales processing, approvals, and a collaboration feed.

QAD Automation Solutions

This month also marks the limited availability of QAD Automation Solutions, a combination of shop floor data collection and label printing functions for QAD Enterprise Applications for what QAD terms ‘intelligent packaging and shipping’.

Automation Solutions is available for users of the most recent versions of QAD Enterprise Applications ERP and QAD Cloud ERP.

Additional capabilities

QAD has added several other new features including improvements to periodic costing for better reporting on logistics and labor; quality control features that integrate with QAD QMS (Quality Management System) for lot and quality orders, test records and receipt processes; and the expansion of international support to 69 countries and 16 languages.

“Our latest enhancements span user experience, internationalization, material handling, distribution, quality control and cost control” - Bill Keese, Senior Vice President of Research and Development, QAD

The new enhancements to QAD’s products will improve not just user experience and managing the enterprise but enhance the products’ international use, said Bill Keese, senior vice president of research and development at QAD.

“As demonstrated by the many new capabilities made available this September, QAD continues to push the boundaries of ERP on multiple fronts,” he said. “Our latest enhancements span user experience, internationalization, material handling, distribution, quality control and cost control, all created with the goal of helping customers become more effective enterprises.”

QAD, which trades on the NASDAQ, recently reported revenues of $71.3 million for the second quarter of fiscal 2016, down from $73.1 million from the second quarter of fiscal 2015.

But the company also reported that its subscription revenue grew from $6.4 million to $9.1 million, up from $6.4 million.

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