How to select an ERP that will grow with your company

Your company is growing and you are looking for a new ERP. That ERP will be your tool set for years to come so finding one that will grow with you is important.

What growth do you expect?

Will your growth be more sales of the same kind of product? You might not expect any new complexities but you can expect higher volume of the same transactions you already perform today. On the other hand, if your growth projections are pointing toward entirely new markets your needs might be different production techniques or new compliance regulations and your ERP should provide the tools you expect to need over time.

What can you afford now?

Your plans require a new Mercedes Benz but your wallet says you can only pay for a used Ford. Today’s ERP systems provide a lot of options. Many work in the cloud as SaaS systems. You need little, if any, up-front cash and only need to pay a monthly fee over time.  Your only hardware requirement is a dependable internet connection.

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Looking for ERP systems that are often sold by modules is also a good idea. Whether cloud-employed or on premises, you can opt for a minimum configuration today and add modules over time as your needs change.

Look for an ERP vendor that will stay around for support

You have growth plans. Your company will be in service for the long haul. Your ERP provider should be there too. Look into their background and financial management. Are they growing too or do they seem to be shrinking away? Is their software developing and taking advantage of technology changes? The vendor’s financial structure should be well established.

Select a flexible ERP

Your forecast for your business is rosy and very detailed. You have markets and strategies carefully identified and you want an ERP that will fit your company today as well as tomorrow. We all know that forecasts can go wrong. If your best customer asks you to support them in some way you never imagined and offers financing to make that change in direction, are you going to say “no” only because it is not aligned with your forecast made last year?  

There will always be forks in the road just beyond the hill or past the woods. Many of today’s ERP systems have modules and options to work in a wide variety of user companies. Other ERPs work very well but in a more limited domain. The choice is yours. There is no one right answer.

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