Based in Andover, Massachusetts, Visibility is a developer and supplier of business software solutions designed for the unique needs of project-based, engineer-to-order and mixed mode manufacturers. Central to their product range is Visibility's enterprise application solution, ERP which is used extensively in midsize manufacturers of complex products.

Visibility has an extensive customer base throughout North America and Europe and has a UK office to support the company's European operations.

Industries using Visibility products include those requiring IT for mixed mode, complex, end to order, made to order and cancelled to order applications. These industries include aerospace and defence manufacturing, construction and contract management, electronics, fabricated metal manufacturing, industrial machinery manufacturing, capital equipment manufacturing, instrumentation manufacturing, professional services and public sector.

In addition to Visibility ERP the company also offers a full range of support services .The Visibility Response Centre is an international team of technical and application professionals providing support to clients on a continuous basis. The company also provides professional services including consultancy and technical services. Also learning and education services where Visibility offers training onsite or remotely via the web.

Companies using Visibility software include Canadian storage tank producer, GLM Industries, Eco-tech Inc., a wastewater operative from Georgia and Campbell Wrapper, a Wisconsin flow wrapper and feeding equipment supplier.

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