Worksoft launches new software to analyse all processes in the enterprise

Business software firm Worksoft has released a new product called Worksoft Analyze Test Drive for SAP.

The program is targeted at large enterprises using SAP to improve process efficiencies and reduce risk. It gives people within the enterprise, such as analysts and technicians, a view of all their business processes for better quality assurance.

The software also identifies actions that have been common failures and devises ways for enterprises to manage and prevent these failures from reoccurring.

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The software analyses and observes how employees use SAP and generates visual business process documentation, removing the need for interviews and other manual procedures that Worksoft says can be biased.

The company cites figures from Gartner that claims that by 2020, 60% of testing resources will need to be a mix of “testing skills, application development skills, and business process skills or industry skills.”

Worksoft Analyze Test Drive gives customers more accurate insight into their processes, added Greg Hammond, vice president of analytics at Worksoft and business-unit leader for Worksoft Analyze.

“Whether it’s to support a single SAP service pack update or a migration to SAP HANA, large enterprises need to understand the as-is state of their business processes for SAP,” he said.

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