Cetec ERP is a cloud-based ERP software system built for small and mid-sized manufacturers. As full-suite ERP, Cetec ERP is designed to help SMB companies operate efficiently, grow effectively, and solve their most complex and difficult challenges. Cetec ERP is more production-focused in its development and feature set than traditional ERPs and offers an enterprise-caliber ERP platform at a significantly more approachable price point for SMB manufacturers.

The system is robust in functionality and reporting, while still being nimble and user-friendly as a web-native application. It gives real-time data and intuitive workflows to streamline business operations, and empower manufacturers to grow their business in a wide range of different manufacturing environments.

Software features

  • Billing
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics
  • Costing
  • CRM
  • Customer Service
  • Financials & Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Purchasing
  • Quality Control
  • Sales
  • Shipping & Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Asset Management
  • Document Management

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Quick spec

Product details

Customer Suitability

  • Enterprise (1000+ Employees)
  • Medium Size (251-1000 Employees)
  • Small Business (1-250 Employees)

Additional Product Info

  • Multi Currency

System Hosting

  • Cloud
  • Installed on Premise

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Cetec ERP

Cetec ERP

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