Why cloud ERP is key - lessons learned over the past years

As the world became more virtual in March 2020, businesses equipped with the right technology in place were able to move ahead, while those without found themselves falling behind. The ability to make digital transactions, access data in real-time, leverage connectivity from anywhere went from being competitive advantages to necessary for survival.

Pruven Industries, a startup product development and distribution firm, felt the limitations of their disconnected and inefficient software and chose to use the opportunity to improve their business operations by upgrading to a cloud-based ERP solution.

In this live webinar, Chris Luce from Pruven Industries and Scott Beaver from NetSuite will look back over the 12 months since Pruven made the decision to invest in an ERP. Join us to find out how the implementation has worked out and to learn how cloud ERP can:

  • Eliminate manual processes and reliance on error-prone spreadsheets
  • Make informed decisions with real-time financial and operational reporting
  • Improve productivity and operational efficiency with a single, integrated cloud solution

Sign up for our cloud ERP webinar with NetSuite and Pruven Industries today to save your space.

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