CSB-System is an ERP suite of applications aimed at the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and retail and logistics industries.

The CSB-System ERP suite is comprised of a breadth of applications with of key uses that users can select based upon their requirements. Organizations searching for a corporate planning and management solution, companies looking to optimize execution and production cycles or firms intending to streamline process management will all find functionality to suit their requirements. Reducing capital commitment and stock levels via improved inventory management are one of the software’s key product uses.

The key feature of CSB-System is its level of alignment with the food and pharmaceutical industries. For example, the bakery implementation has a procurement module designed specifically for the bakery industry and a supply chain management module tailored to accommodate grain and flour producers, bakeries and bread retailers. This level of specialization is consistent across the suite of applications, whether it is in fish, delicatessen, confectionery and more.

CBS-systems also offer M-ERP® software which provides mobile access to ERP systems. Features of this software include: no additional software on end devices, configurable masks, customizable applications and evaluations, automatic updates and online connection at any location worldwide.

CSB offer their ERP solutions deployed on-premise or hosted in a dedicated cloud. The suite consists of a broad range of mobile applications, meaning the software can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on a variety of desktop and handheld devices, including iOS and Android mobiles.

Software features

  • Billing
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics
  • Costing
  • CRM
  • HR
  • Inventory Management
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Purchasing
  • Quality Control
  • Sales
  • Shipping & Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management

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Quick spec

Product details

Customer Suitability

  • Medium Size (251-1000 Employees)
  • Small Business (1-250 Employees)

Additional Product Info

  • Multi Currency

System Hosting

  • Cloud

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