How to ensure users complete ERP e-learning modules

ERP e-learning modules are a flexible way of training your workforce to use a new system, but user buy-in and completion rates are often low. So, how can you incentivize a workforce to complete them?

Simple recognition

One easy and low-cost incentive is simple recognition.  At a company gathering such as a monthly lunch session, before you wish Happy Birthday to those in that month, say the names of people who have completed sessions or are on target to complete training on time.  This does not have to be an elaborate celebration.  Everyone likes to hear their name as one of the people who are doing the right thing.

Financial incentives

Most of us like money.  A company might give a large bonus to the person who finishes their e-learning session first.  Another option is to give a small bonus to all who finished a component in the recent past month.  

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Both work, one with a significant reward all can hope for, and the other with a small reward everyone can actually expect to receive.  If the large reward fits your business, another option is to donate the large sum to that individual’s favorite charity.

Ask what the users want

Managers often offer incentives they believe to be attractive to their employees.  Is that what the users who are training want?  Don’t guess, ask the question.

Polling places in the USA often pass out a sticker the voter can paste on their shirt proclaiming “I voted”.  Think of non-cash rewards too.  How about a month of parking in the executive lot right in front of the building?  How about taking off early on Friday afternoon?

Incentivize the manager

If the manager gets a reward, they might stay out of the way when employees are working on their e-learning.  Maybe a reward for the first manager whose entire staff completes their training will help.  

Keep manager rewards in line with staff rewards.  If Mary can qualify for a $5 Starbucks certificate and her manager can qualify for a week at a fancy resort, this could lead to resentment instead of incentive.

Keep your culture in mind

Every organization has a culture.  If yours is a top-down command and control organization, a reward formally presented by the CEO might be the way to go.  In a less-formal business, a chance to play ping pong with the CEO might pay off better.


Another option is for the boss to require participation in e-learning by command.  Just like any other management request, they show it is important by measuring who puts in the effort and how well it works.

There are many other possibilities.  Find what works for you and action it.

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