An in-depth guide to ERP vendor implementation services

Many of us like do-it-yourself actions and ERP systems can be implemented using this way.

However, most ERP vendors will help you implement their ERP, and there are good reasons to use their services even if you feel like you and your teams are well qualified.

Implementation services offered by ERP vendors

Project management

Your ERP vendor will have people already expert as project managers. Unless you have comparable managers, there is good reason to use the vendor’s manager. That person will need more senior management oversight than an in-house manager, but you could benefit.

Data migration

Your ERP vendor already has data experts on hand. They might have already worked with the database used in your legacy ERP. Your own IT staff has their day jobs keeping them busy.  


You likely will need to integrate some other software with your new ERP. If you do not have an integration expert already on your staff, the vendor’s expert could be a good choice. Vendor integrators will not know how you plan to use the integration and could lead you down a wrong path. You might need an integrator after the implementation project is completed. Nevertheless, they might still be your best bet now.

Implement your new ERP successfully using this step-by-step ERP implementation checklist


Your ERP vendor already has a standard training plan and methods. Consider using them for your initial training needs. Be sure to train your own trainers to become the future experts. You will always hire new people and will need to continue training your entire staff.


Much of the above tells about services provided by your ERP vendor. Do not forget that there are many third-party consultants can provide the same services. Some of these are totally third party, they only serve as implementation consultants. Others are third-party sellers of ERP systems that also provide their own in-house services. They all can do good work for your business. Which one is right for you?

Benefits of vendor services for ERP implementation

Vendors know their product

The vendor will need to learn your processes and to some extent that balances your need to learn the ERP system. What really puts the vendor ahead is their exposure to many other processes and this can help your business improve through the use of a different process you never considered.

Faster implementation

ERP vendors have teams to employ who work on implementations all day, every day. These people are experts and can get your ERP up and running quickly.

Cost reduction

Not employing a vendor service for ERP implementation will save the cost of their consultants. Your own in-house personnel might be fully qualified but who will do their jobs while they are implementing? By the time you hire and train replacement personnel, you can easily spend more out of pocket, and in error and problem corrections caused by new people.

Best practices

Your ERP vendor already worked with businesses in your industry. They specialize in your industry, will know of the best practices, and probably have seen them in action. Using your vendor service provides you the benefit of that knowledge and a chance to employ some of it through your new ERP.

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