Infor expands ERP BI tools with Ming.le Apple Watch app

ERP software provider Infor has released Apple Watch versions of its Infor Ming.le and Infor Business Intelligence (BI) apps for enterprises.

The newly released apps bring Infor’s business platforms to wearable technology for Infor ERP users on the go and without a tablet or PC to hand.

Users of the Infor Ming.le app, which is built on the Infor 10x platform, will be able to use the Apple Watch app to carry out some key business tasks from their wrist, whether the user is in the field or in the factory, like accepting requests and approving business processes. This will drastically improve response times, says the company.

A rapidly maturing market

With the Infor Business Intelligence (BI) app, users can stay on top of any business decisions with a personalized dashboard detailing the company’s analytics through a real time view of enterprise performance.

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Wearable apps for business and enterprise will change how we do business, says Infor. “By integrating our beautiful, scalable, and efficient software into new and disruptive devices such as the Apple Watch, we are helping to empower the workforce by providing them with the tools needed to solve everyday problems,” says Duncan Angove, president of Infor.

The wearables market is growing fast, he says, and the company sees great value in taking advantage of that growth.

“The market for wearable technologies is rapidly maturing amongst consumers, and the actual value is far more ubiquitous, with potential to seamlessly merge business with technology,” adds Angove.

Several other ERP and business software companies have launched their own Apple Watch apps since the new smartwatch was released earlier this year. Salesforce was one of the first ERP providers to bring its offerings to the Apple Watch while NetSuite announced during the summer that it is currently developing its own smartwatch apps.

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