Infor launches new cloud service for the public sector

ERP software provider Infor has launched Infor Cloudsuite Public Sector, a new version of its business application targeted at the public service.

The cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is designed to meet the regulatory needs of civic and government work posts, says Infor. The cloud software is built with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is compliant with FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program), a US government-wide standard for security.

It uses the middleware Infor ION for converting data and making it shareable across an organization and Infor Ming.le for communication among employees.

Answering challenges

The company claims that investing in cloud-based software like Infor will lower costs for governments and reduce the need for capital investments in hardware like onsite servers or license fees in the face of declining budgets and resources for local government.

“Infor CloudSuite Public Sector answers these challenges by providing a platform that blends flexibility, accountability and integration with optimal value,” says Kevin Curry, senior vice president of Infor Public Sector. He adds that the company’s compliance with FedRAMP would make its offering beneficial to Federal government clients.

Happy users

Infor Public Sector is currently used by 3,600 different public organizations worldwide, according to Infor, including 16 of the US’s 20 largest cities.

Guildford County in North Carolina is one such local government organization that made the move over to Infor for its management needs through Infor’s UpgradeX program.

“Infor provides a customized approach to best align with our business goals, while providing a flexible solution to help us maintain and grow our technology portfolio,” said Hemant Desai, CIO of Guildford County.

Queensland Urban Utilities manages water supplies and wastewater services in five local government areas in Queensland, Australia and the body too migrated to Infor CloudSuite Public Sector. “It has allowed us to handle a higher volume of customer’s applications with the same amount of people” said Nina Meyers, CIO.

Infor develops several different cloud-based ERP solutions for a range of sectors. It currently offers software services in areas like manufacturing, defense, business management, and healthcare among others.

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