KeyedIn Manufacturing

KeyedIn Manufacturing is a cloud-based ERP product offered to manufacturers across the globe by Minneapolis-based software company Keyedin Solutions.

Launched in 2012 the KeyedIn Manufacturing product was created as a result of the acquisition of Irish technology research and development business ICEBERG, the inventor of the Rapid Application Development Process Platform. 

KeyedIn Manufacturing is a comprehensive cloud-based business management software solution for small and mid-sized custom manufacturers. the software provides a range of vital custom management tools including estimating, invoicing, purchasing, and production management.

The ERP system also provides functionality to support CRM, sales, production, costing, shipping, and service. KeyedIn Solutions offer the product in multi-language and multi-currency which has led to them developing a large European client base as well as their North American users.

The KeyedIn Solutions investment in Rapid Application Development platforms has meant that the Manufacturing ERP can be customized for any form of manufacturing quickly and at a low cost.

Software features

  • CRM
  • Product Design
  • Financials & Accounting
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Shipping & Distribution
  • Warehouse Management

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Quick spec

Product details

Customer Suitability

  • Enterprise (1000+ Employees)
  • Medium Size (251-1000 Employees)
  • Small Business (1-250 Employees)

Additional Product Info

  • Customizable

System Hosting

  • Cloud

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KeyedIn Manufacturing

KeyedIn Manufacturing

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