3 Reasons Mobile ERP Is a Must Have

Recent statistics provided by a host of business segment analysts including CDW, Market Watch, SoftSelect and others, suggest that interest in mobile ERP systems are running at an all-time high. For example, a SoftSelect analysis states that “...88% of (sampled) CIOs admitted to preferring an integrated IT system rather than using a ‘best-of-breed’ approach, with most companies either adopting a mobile ERP approach, or planning for one in the near future.”

This level of activity offers a specific glimpse of just how hot the mobile ERP value proposition has become. However, at the end of the day the concept is much more than just one enterprise systems type, since a parallel CDW analysis states that “...94% of business personnel believe mobile devices make them more efficient, (while) a further 89% say they use mobile devices for work, and over two-thirds of those companies say that they would lose competitive ground without those devices.” Therefore, we wanted to showcase just three of the value points associated with mobile ERP, while at the same time, offering some insights into why these areas of focus are important.

Improved Efficiency

Successful ERP management is all about efficiency. Whether it has to do with workflow speed, customer relations targeting, sales contract accuracy, or integrated inventory management, a seamless ability to move relevant information in and throughout an enterprise infrastructure is critical to the creation of a clearly competitive advantage. As a result, when an enterprise suggests new ways to ensure that its operations are easily enhanced by the integration of a 24/7 communications network, mobile devices comes immediately to mind. For example, in the past a workflow manager on travel might have had no option while waiting to update needed information until he or she returned home or to a remote office. However, the advent of mobile ERP has altered that capability by merging typical ERP processes with an ‘on the go’ facility that offers a manager the ability to transact work anywhere, at any time, and regardless of location.

Better Overall Enterprise Performance

As the old axiom suggests, ‘the more you learn, the more you earn” and this rings true in the case of mobile ERP. The better an enterprise communicates with itself, the more quickly it can respond to business opportunities or competitive threats in real time.

Given the fact that ERP systems manage and provision numerous core operational activities on a daily basis, it is entirely logical that the addition of mobility should offer enormous value to overall enterprise performance as well.

Device Transparency

One of the most important, yet typically over-looked elements in the search for better enterprise efficiencies regards mobile ERP device transparency. In the past, large-scale systems were held hostage by the limitations of each type of platform. If an ERP system and its requisite databases were too large for a laptop or smart phone activity, managers had to stand still until he/she could get to a desk-bound client/server workstation, thereby slowing an entire enterprise down significantly.

Today, however, this limitation has been largely eliminated by cloud-based ERP, fully integrated with mobile device applications that allow a manager to utilize the same systems interfaces and datasets, whether those elements are integrated with a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Consequently, these mobile ERP benefits not only alter and enhance ERP management as a critical operational element in the search for better process efficiencies, but also offer ways that an ERP-integrated enterprise can communicate better both internally and externally.

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Rick Carlton

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Rick Carlton

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