Seven electronics ERP systems for your selection shortlist

Periodically we review ERP systems as part of our editorial charter. Our goal is to encapsulate various important apps, in order to offer a broader view of the sector, while also attempting to support our readership directly. Consequently, here are seven of the more interesting platforms in today’s electronics ERP universe - we hope you find the information useful.

Bacon Software

This hybrid-cloud resources-driven development firm primarily operates in the contract manufacturing sector. Bacon Software’s headquarters are located in Roseville California, near Sacramento.

Its resources-oriented product mix includes:

  • Job Quote System
  • Job Trac
  • Job Accounting
  • CRM platform

All systems integrate through a series of homogenous back-end databases. All systems are ISO compliant. While its product list is generally useful, it could do with a central dashboard capability to streamline the user experience.


This particularly mature firm offers cloud-supported resources-driven systems for numerous manufacturing sectors, including high-tech and electronics manufacturers.. The company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, while at the same time operating 100 brand offices worldwide.

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QAD is well-respected in the resources segment, and its long life suggests a particularly stable systems model, along with excellent management and a solid development cadre.


Plex is one of the most well-known ERP platforms in the electronics manufacturing sector. Originally designed to support the manufacturing of axle, pinion gears, and drive shafts; over time the developers became more enamored with the production and sale of its software systems and, therefore, became a resources-driven technology company. Today its cloud-based product mix includes modules for a wide range of functionalities, including production and quality management, manufacturing operations and quality management

Plex is known for its depth of information granularity, and general fit and finish; although its user interface can be a bit complex for novice operators.       

ProfitKey International

ProfitKey is headquartered in Salem NH, while operating 10 remote offices domestically. The company offers ERP products for small to mid-sized manufacturing enterprises, and is quite mature given its 35 year life-span, suggesting a long list of happy clients.

Its systems orient themselves on the following production value centers:

  • Shop floor scheduling
  • Operational communications
  • Inventory management
  • Labor reporting
  • Cost tracking

ProfitKey touts itself as being the ‘only paperless manufacturing solution on the market’ largely due to the end-to-end integration its comprehensive production chain management capabilities.


Headquartered in Menomonee Falls, WI, WorkWise offers cloud-based ERP and CRM systems. Another mature company, offering a long experience and successful business history, its orientation is based on general use employment of its technology for all-scale operations.

While WorkWise is quite comprehensive, the sheer number of system modules may be more than a small enterprise would typically need.


Infor is a large-scale ERP provider headquartered in NYC. The company operates sales offices 41 countries, and is considered to be one of the more prominent technology developers in the manufacturing sector. The firm provides ERP solutions for a wide range of industries, including high tech and electronics manufacturing.

Infor is known to be an outstanding technology provider, although its level of complexity can be daunting for small or mid-sized enterprise clients.

Global Shop

Global Shop is located in The Woodlands, Texas and offers an interesting mix between a full-service ERP developer and professional services consultancy. Its product list is quite long, and ranges from integrated CRM/ERP modules, to specialized web development for product manufacturers.

While the company harbors an excellent reputation, its product mix may put some clients off given the diffuse nature of its product offers.

So there you go. To learn more about any of these companies feel free to follow up by utilizing the associated links.

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