2015 ERP Writers' Awards winners announced

After three weeks we have finally arrived at the conclusion. The ERP community have been nominating their favorite writers and blogs for their contribution to ERP knowledge and resources. So without waiting any longer, here are the winners of the 2015 ERP Writers’ Awards.

Best writer

The award for best writer recognizes the individual who has contributed the most valuable content to the ERP software community this year.

Gold Award

Cindy Jutras - Mint Jutras
Example Work: Sage says ERP is dead. What (I think) they really mean is.

Silver Award

Den Howlett - diginomica
Example Work: The New ERP will be CEO

Bronze Award

Brian Sommer - TechVentive
Example Work: Old ERP is dead, where is the New ERP?

Also Nominated

David McAughtrie - Unit4
Example Work: 3 Reasons Using Spreadsheets for Planning and Reporting Are a Drag on Your Business

David Olgivie - David Olgivie
Example Work: Avoid these 14 sins to dramatically improve your ERP project success

Frank Scavo - Strativa
Example Work: Beyond Deployment Options: SaaS as a Business Model

Mark Canes - Blue Link ERP
Example Work: ERP Implementation is only the Beginning…

Daniel Erickson - ProcessPro
Example Work: Is your manufacturing operation intelligently using its data? BI can help

Best article

The award for best article highlights the best piece of written content covering an aspect of ERP software this year.

Gold Award

Old ERP is way past its “Best When Used By” date by Brian Sommer

Silver Award

Can Next Generation ERP Awaken The Force? (Not currently online) by Cindy Jutras

Bronze Award

Which Comes First, New Business Processes or New Systems? by Frank Scavo

Also Nominated

10 Often Forgotten ERP Implementation Faux Pas by Daniel Erickson

Self-driving systems will bring worker generations together by Thomas Staven

The New ERP will be CEO by Den Howlett

The Manufacturer and The Three ERPs by Bobby Rudder

Essential ERP Freedoms by Sharon Ward

Best independent blog

The award for best independent blog acknowledges the most interesting and insightful blog - blogs in this category have no affiliation with with an particualr ERP software.

Gold Award

Mint Jutras (Cindy Jutras)

Silver Award

diginomica (diginomica)

Bronze Award

360° ERP Blog (Panorama Consulting)

Also Nominated

Strativa Blog (Frank Scavo)

Enterprise Irregulars (Enterprise Irregulars)

Spectech-ular The Blog (Gene Hammons)

Best vendor blog

The award for best vendor blog recognizes the most informative and insightful blog written by an ERP software vendor.

Gold Award

Process Pro Blog (ProcessPro)

Silver Award

Sage ERP Blog (Sage)

Bronze Award

The IFS Blog (IFS)

Also Nominated

Unit4 Corporate Blog (Unit4)

abas ERP Blog (abas USA)

The Mark of Canes (Bluelink)

Deacom Blog (Deacom)

Godlan Blog (Godlan)

Smarter ERP Blog (Syspro)

K3 Syspro Blog (K3 Syspro)

Thank you to all who took part in this year’s awards, whether by submitting a nomination or being a nominee, and congratulations to all award winners.

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Richard Jefferson

About the author…

Co-ordinator of the ERP Software Writers' Awards. Richard routinely finds himself providing editorial assistance for ERP Focus articles amongst content editing for other publications.

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Richard Jefferson

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