Three cannabis ERPs to track your product from seed to sale

Cannabis is becoming a big business around the world. However, it is a unique business in many ways.  For example, in California the product is illegal by federal law but legal under state law. In addition, it is illegal or difficult to engage in the business by many local laws. Cannabis sales are welcomed by governments at many levels because of the potential tax revenue it promises.  

Cannabis is also a product destined for human consumption and has some similar regulations as pharmaceuticals and food products. As sales grow and the industry branches out, budding ERP providers are moving in to stake their claims on a share of the money. Here is some background on a few of the leading systems at this time.

1. ROAR (Guardian Data Systems)

Guardian Data Systems is a US company based in Washington. They have been in business since 2008 and, at first, were primarily involved in financing cannabis businesses.

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They had to diversify and acquired an ERP which they call ROAR. ROAR includes POS, point of sale, cultivation software, distribution, laboratory, delivery, processing, and ancillary sales - so has the bases covered no matter what part of the cannabis business you work in. ROAR is a cloud-based ERP, which helps keep up-front costs for customers low and can make the software quick to deploy.

2. Cannabusiness ERP (NexTec Group)

NexTec has 25 years experience in the ERP industry. They have worked with Sage since the inception of the software and they resell several other ERP systems with many successful clients. 

They have developed CannaBusiness ERP with help from food and agricultural experts. This ERP is tailored for the cannabis industry, and as such can help to manage complex legal requirements, including IRS section 280E that strictly limits cannabis tax deductions to those that are cost of goods sold.

3. Viridian Sciences

Viridian Sciences is based in Vancouver, Washington, just across the river from Portland, Oregon. Viridian offers software to enable cannabusiness to run efficiently with automated inventory tracking, seed-to-sale reporting, financial accounting, growth management, quality control, and many other essential tools to help you succeed. Viridian is an SAP reseller so users can be sure that they are getting a proven and established software model.

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving as it becomes legal in more areas. Each government license has unique requirements that have not begun to stabilize yet - so you’ll need to look for software that is flexible and can adapt to changing regulations. Any business in the cannabis industry should take advantage of business management tools like ERP to keep on top of these. These are some of the leading systems. Examine your own needs and see if one of these can be the tool you use.

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Tom Miller

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